Starting with the purchase of over 100 aircraft and 75 spare jet engines from US Airways in 2002, Jetran solidified its place as one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing companies, serving operators from South America to Asia. Through buying aircraft in large fleet purchases to drive down unit cost, Jetran has become the most recognized provider for low cost transport category aircraft.



Jetran has an extensive portfolio of engines covering every major manufacturer of commercial jet turbofans and types powering regional, narrowbody or widebody aircraft.  Engines are available to cover either short term, long term or AOG requirements, accommodating lease terms from 3 months to 12 years.  Jetran has an extensive network of personnel and engines positioned around the world to provide efficient spare engine coverage for all needs.

  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Fixed monthly rent for the lease duration
  • Control over spare engines and overhaul program 



Jetran offers creative Sale-and-Leaseback financing structures enabling our customers the ability to release equity within their assets, improve cash flow and working capital, achieve 100% financing without a significant deposit and divest residual asset risk associated with engine ownership; all while enjoying the operational flexibility that an engine lease can provide.

  • SLB provides the operator with profit opportunities to gain maximum market value
  • Increased Operational Flexibility
  • Release Cash and Optimize Cash Flow
  • Eliminate Future Value Risk



Jetran provides complete engine lease portfolio management services to engine owners and investors.  A service program can be customized to meet the needs of the engine owner.  Products include complete re-marketing services, technical advisement, lease monitoring, cash management, accounts receivable management and financial accounting services.  The engine owner will reap the benefits of Jetran's vast experience of managing engines and its significant presence within the market.

  • Maximize Asset Utilization
  • Sales Representation
  • Technical Consulting



Jetran provides a complete engine marketing service to engine owners and investors, using Jetran market expertise and worldwide connections to source and sell engines.

  • Buying and Selling
  • Engine Trading  
  • Worldwide Connections and Marketing Expertise



In 2007 Jetran subsidiary Comtran Limited designed and certified a hush kit for the JT8D-200  engines installed on all McDonnel Douglas MD-80 Series aircraft. The SuperQ Kit benefits include:

  • FAA Stage IV or EASA Chapter IV noise compliance
  • Reduced fuel burn
  • Lower engine EGT, resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Pays for itself from its own savings within two years under a typical flight schedule
  • FAA and EASA Certified Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

The SuperQ program will ensure that operators are able to economically operate the MD80 series well into the 21st century, allowing the airframe to achieve its designed service life while continuing to operate as the backbone for airlines in the US and abroad. Through its leasing division, Jetran is able to offer its customers flexible financing solutions to meet their cash flow needs.